Why Black and White?

Posted on March 1, 2016 in Blog, Mindset, Techniques | 4 Comments

During the show, I tried to pay attention to the questions people asked and thought I would address many of them on my blog. One of the young ladies from the Brownie Troupe asked me why all the art was only in black and white?

There are several reasons. First, many instructors and mentors I have worked with have suggested that if you want to really hone your design skills, work in black and white. Color can seduce the eye and help disguise a mediocre design. But, when art is stripped down to just black and white, it all is left up to the design elements. The viewer can’t fall in love with the piece because it is their favorite color, etc. It is like buying a car because you liked the navigation system or the color of the exterior but never really paid attention if the engine was sound. In theory, I could take any of my black and white pieces and duplicate them in color and they would work equally as well. Many of you who may be secretly wishing I add some color. At some point, maybe I will.

Second, I was beginning an online workshop with Lisa Call entitled Working in a Series. She had instructed us to create rules and boundaries for defining our series. At this point, I imagined the series to just be for the length of the workshop. I had no idea I would still be working in the same series years after the workshop ended. Setting boundaries for a series, or any creative endeavor, helps to free up creativity because otherwise, there are just way too many options. Closing the door on a few options lets an artist just concentrate on playing with a few of the options which really are pretty endless all by themselves.


Lastly, it was a very practical reason. I was renting the place I was living at the time. Dying fabric is very messy. The thought of risking wet dripping dyed cloth onto carpet of a rental home just wasn’t practical. Working with commercially purchased black and white fabric solved the problem. It was convenient and no mess.

I hope I answered the question of why I only work in black and white. Do you have a question(s) you would like me to address in my next post?


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  1. Lisa call
    March 2, 2016

    You are the postor girl for working in a series. Your work is brilliant in black and white. So creative in such a small color space. And what an amazing collection of makes together. This photo is excellent. Really captures the amazing texture!!

  2. Carol
    March 2, 2016

    Lisa, thank you. I learned from the best:) Carol

  3. Linda
    April 2, 2016

    Carol enjoyed seeing your work. Good answers for the black and white inquiries. Visited from Lisa Call’s site.

  4. Carol
    April 5, 2016


    Thank you! I am about to modify my website and right after I do that I will add the pictures of the new smaller pieces I created for the show.


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