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I don’t know about you, but I have an issue with getting things done. I have a full time job AND I am trying to get this art biz career off the ground as a second job. Plus, I like to throw in some fun along the way as well. I am sure others have similar issues but juggling different commitments. Perhaps you are taking care of young children or an aging adult. Or just other commitments. Many of us have multiple commitments and try to fit as much into our schedule as possible.

I have found that that is where Intention is key. For me, it is not just a Life Coach buzz word. Intention works.

Many yoga classes may begin with “create an intention for yourself for the class”. I never quite got that. When I first started hot yoga, my intention was to merely survive 75 minutes of a 105 degrees room of vigorous exercise. I eventually graduated to having an intention of getting some kick ass exercise. The yoga instructor most likely was hopping for more elevated intentions like to “be joyous” while my body was screaming to get out of that hot room or surviving get that chair pose.

Hotel room view of Central Park in NYC

My reward! View of Central Park

I really learned the value of Intentionality the the weekend I had to complete 2 small pieces of art on a very short deadline. I intended to complete them on time. I needed to complete them on time. I had a lot of motivation. I had a FREE trip to NYC including 2 nights in a hotel room overlooking Central Park. Very nice commission for 2 smaller pieces of art.

At first, I doubted it could be done. Creating the background with the textured stitching is extremely time consuming. Adding the lines with thread on top is not where the time is spent. However, the texture background is what adds interest. Without it, it would just be a piece of off white cotton fabric.

With the Intention of completing this on time, I used every spare minute I had. Normally if I had 15 minutes, I might fritter it aware perusing my favorite Social Media Site. But, I didn’t have that luxury. Instead, into the studio I went and cranked out 15 minutes of sewing on the machine. That weekend, I used every spare minute I had. I intended to get those two art pieces done and I found a way. No excuses.

Brushwing Essence, 10 x 10. Private Collection in Hong Kong

Brushwing Essence, 10 x 10. Private Collection in Hong Kong

Brushwing Journey, 10 x 10, Private Collection in Hong KOng

Brushwing Journey, 10 x 10, Private Collection in Hong KOng











How did I use this lesson on Intentionality after this weekend was over? I am working on a long term project which has a tight deadline. It just happens to be months away. Each day, I look at what hard commitments I have for the day, anything else that is a high priority, and look for where I can squeeze in some studio time. This does not mean I am not finding time to relax and enjoy myself. Nor, does it mean I am moving a break neck pace. What happens is less frittering time away. Less idle thinking “what could/should I do now?”. I already have my intentions for the day.

Have you had this experience of “get’er done”? If so, where you able to carry it over after the deadline was over? What lessoned did you learn?

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  1. Maria Shell
    August 3, 2016

    Carol- I was just thinking about this. People often ask me how I get it all done. And the thing that, for me, makes a difference is that I never give up on a day. Sometimes, I don’t get in to my studio until seven-thirty at night, but I still do it. I still make use of that last half hour of my working day. Great story!

  2. Anne Smyers
    August 5, 2016

    Great post, Carol. Deadlines really kick us into gear – having that sense of drive when not facing a deadline is a skill that I need more of. I have been thinking about how to fritter less and work more lately. Thanks for a topical, helpful post!

  3. Carol
    August 6, 2016

    Anne, It is hard to sustain and may not be realistic, but I really have been trying to be more intentional in my days since. I still find myself frittering away chunks of time here and there. I believe I might just need a little time out. But, having a day thought out does help me snap out of the “time outs”.

  4. Carol
    August 6, 2016


    I like that statement “never giving up on a day”. The last 30 minutes are still 30 minutes and you can get something done!

  5. Sharon
    September 18, 2016

    My sewing machines start making noises at me if I don’t use them. I hear their sad cries and even some grumbling if I don’t respond fast enough….????

  6. Sharon
    September 18, 2016

    Hmmm….. that was supposed to be a smiley face, not question marks!

  7. Carol
    September 18, 2016


    Yes…..I agree….especially with my studio set up in the formal living/dining room area. I can’t ignore it. It just taunts me when I can’t get in there. This is the first weekend that I have come up for air with the new job responsibilities. If felt AWESOME to sew!!!!

  8. Vivien Zepf
    October 13, 2016

    This is so interesting for me to read, even months after it was posted. Yes, priorities and intention + deadlines can make for a potent combination.

  9. Carol
    October 25, 2016


    And I am having to continue concentrating on intention. My day job has expanded and I am working tons of hours. In order to keep art happening as well as personal errands. Often, I just soooo want to sit on the sofa.

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